💎Premium Access


Hello! We're glad to see you! For several years you have been reading and using Wild Rift Meta and the quality content that we produce.

❤️ We are sure that you will support us even now.

We join the global trend and introduce a subscription to access some of the content - an exclusively advertising model does not allow us to produce and update high-quality content in the quantities that are needed in the modern world. This means that some materials on the site and in the application can now only be read with your help. By becoming our Patreon subscriber, you support the work on the project and breathe life into it!

Benefits of 💎Premium Access

  • Disabling Ads 📢 on the Site and Application
  • The work of the Site and Application will be significantly accelerated 🏎️💨
  • Unlock all 1000+ Сombos 🤜
  • Unlock all Counters 💀
  • Unlock all Synergys 🙏
  • Unlock Tips 📜
  • Unlock Ability's Tips 💥 
  • Unlock Game Strategy and Tactics ♟️
  • Unlock Jungle Pathing 🌴
  • Expanded Account Personalization options
  • Your comments will be highlighted.
  • Gaining access to all limited features of the site and application that will be added in the future!


Get 💎Premium Access it's very simple - you just need create an account on Wild Rift Meta and become our Patreon subscriber.

Follow the link below and join the community!👇


By becoming our Patreon subscriber you become part of a project that improves.

  • Per month

Very important!
The Username on Patreon must match the Username/E-mail on our website and app. Under this condition, you will receive 💎Premium access in the shortest possible time!


How to buy 💎Premium Access on the Wild Rift Meta website/app?
We do not sell 💎Premium Access to the Wild Rift Meta website and app! But, we are ready to present access to restricted materials on the website/app to all our Patreon subscribers.
How will you know that I am your Patreon subscriber? 🤔
We will receive a notification from the Patreon service. Important! Your Patreon Username/E-mail and our website/app MUST be exactly the same!
When will my 💎Premium Access become active?
Usually each new subscriber of our Patreon channel receives a 💎Premium on the site and in the application within 15 minutes from the moment of subscribing. Since we carefully check each of our subscribers, sometimes there is a slight delay in receiving the Premium on site/app but don't worry, we'll compensate you for the waiting time. The maximum waiting time is 12 hours from the moment you become our Patreon subscriber! If we'll take too much time, be sure to let us know on Patreon or via email site.wrm@gmail.com
I became your Patreon subscriber but did not receive 💎Permium Access on the site/app 🙄
You need to wait a bit, because each Patreon is manually moderated on the site and on the app, it usually takes ~ 15 minutes, but in some cases it may take up to 12 hours. Make sure that the Username/E-mail on Patreon is the same as the Username/E-mail on our website and on the app. Do not worry, we will definitely compensate you for the waiting time.
Where can I find out how much time is left until the end of the 💎Premium access period?
In your personal account on Patreon.
Will my 💎Premium access be renewed after it ends?
Yes, if you remain our Patreon subscriber.