Marksmans in Wild Rift are a champions class that rely on basic attack damage. Their power is revealed through long range auto attacks. When playing with this class, it is very important to pay attention to positioning, since thanks to the correct positioning you can destroy almost any opponent. Also, a lot depends on the Support Champion you went to the same battle lane with. To play effectively, you must become one with him. Most of all, shooters need to be wary of the Assassins with explosive damage, as well as Mages.

In the early stages of the game, Marksmans are practically the weakest class, they need a lot of gold to buy strong items. Playing as a Marksman, you first have to focus on killing minions. The killing of enemies takes place, but it is secondary. Farm, farm and farm again ... It is easy for Marksmans to defeat such champions as Tanks and Fighters, the main rule is to always be at a distance. The most legendary of the class: Draven, Jinx, Miss Fortune, Vayne, KaiSa, Ashe, Ezreal, Jhin and others.