Tanks in Wild Rift — are a champion class with great stamina and powerful crowd control effects that make up for their lack of damage. Tanks are excellent initiators, their main task is to distract the enemy, control key targets and protect allies (Marksmans and Mages). A good tank is always ready to defend allies and at the right time will be the first to rush into battle. Tanks have increased durability and reinforce it by purchasing protection items. Tanks are inherently team players, alone they do not pose a great threat, since they cannot inflict great damage and do not have high mobility. Tanks are able to withstand the explosive damage of Assassins and Mages, however, continuous damage from Marksmans and Fighters is deadly for them. Tanks are divided into two subclasses: Guardian and Stormtrooper.

Guardian — Protecting their allies at all costs, preventing enemy champions from entering in the rear. The most famous guardian champion is Braum!

Stormtrooper — Initiator tanks. They are the first to rush into battle without forgiving positioning errors, which makes it possible for allies to support the attack. The most popular stormtrooper champions are Gragas, Malfit, Alistair, Amumu and others.