Supports in Wild Rift — a champions who provides assistance on the lane, and then to the whole team. Skills of this class are aimed at controlling the enemy and imposing useful effects on allies. The support champion itself is weak and does not pose a certain threat, but in team play, you should not underestimate him. In group battles, support champions are able to turn the tide of battle by imposing control effects on key opponents, or by strengthening allies in time. Supports start the game on the Dragon lane together with the Marksmans, providing them with support at the beginning of the match, the main task is to help in kills and control visibility on the map, in other words, warding. Support champions are divided into: Catchers and Enchanters.

The Catchers — are champions with a focus on controlling enemies and key targets. They distract opponents and take damage while allied champions try to destroy the key target. The most famous champion catcher is Blitzcrank.

Enchanters increase the effectiveness of allied champions through their skills. They can restore health, cover allies with shields, etc. Enchanters are not capable of inflicting a lot of damage, therefore they can only prove themselves in a team game. Famous sorcerers of the Wild Gorge: Janna, Sona, Soraka, Nami and others.