Mages in Wild Rift are a class of champions who use their abilities to deal magic damage and have control skills. This gives them the ability to attack a target from a distance, preventing the enemy from striking back. Mages create combinations of their spells. To implement them effectively, the summoner needs to develop the aiming skill. A well-aimed mage is a successful magician! Mages increase their spell damage by buying items to increase the power of skills. The main task of this class is to eliminate key targets and help the team with their control skills in team battles. Some mages can act as Support champions.

Mages are good at eliminating Marksmans, they can quickly deal fatal damage to an enemy in a short amount of time. Fighters do not like mages, because they cannot quickly close the distance due to control and exhausting damage. The greatest danger to magicians is carried by Assassins who can quickly close the distance and inflict explosive damage to the target. Tanks also pose a threat to this class. Mages do not have enough damage in one combination to deal lethal damage to the Tank, which will slowly but surely deal damage while the mage's skills are recharging. Mages can be divided into subclasses: Battlemages and Demolition Mages.

Battlemages like Aurelion Sol — almost always fight on the front lines. Battle mages inflict huge area damage, but for the most part have a short attack distance. They possess skills that allow them to survive for a long time during the battle.

Demolition mages — having found a vulnerable enemy, trying to block his movement and destroy with an explosive combination from a long distance. In battle, this archetype of mages is especially difficult against tough champions, it is always necessary to maintain correct positioning relative to the enemy team. Among the demolition mages, we note such as: Orianna, Lux, Annie, Ari, Twisted Fate, Ziggs and others.