Assassins in Wild Rift are a class of champions that can inflict fast, explosive damage on one target, and can also quickly leave the fight. Assassins specialize in invisible or sudden infiltration of enemy ranks, they are highly mobile, which allows them to travel long distances to a potential victim. The assassin's playstyle in Wild Rift is always a big risk, but also a big reward. Assassins prefer to hunt down their prey and attack it when it is vulnerable or detached from its team.The main targets of assassins during the game are Marksmans, Mages and Support champions. Since most assassins are melee champions, they try to avoid massive battles and do not risk engaging in one-on-one combat with Fighters or Tanks. Purebred assassins include champions such as Evelynn, Akali, Zed and others.

Among the assassins, there is a subclass of duelists - these are champions who do not stand out for high enough mobility to independently pursue high-priority goals. But they have in their arsenal defensive skills that allow you to survive the damage of your opponent. They have high enough damage to defeat even the most powerful enemy. Among the duelists, one should single out such champions as: Master Yi, Fiora, Yasuo and other champions with similar combat mechanics.